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Fitness Center Membership Benefit

Health First Health Plans is committed to helping you stay healthy, maintain good physical and mental health and enjoy a better quality of life. That’s why we offer a fitness center membership program at no additional cost to our members.

To provide exceptional value for this extraordinary benefit, we are working with American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc. Together, we have designed a robust fitness program, giving you the tools to be physically active, interact with other health-minded individuals and enjoy life as a healthy individual.

Offering options that best fit your lifestyle

Health First Health Plans is offering you two options for participating in the Active&Fit® program, our no-cost fitness membership benefit. Through this benefit option, Health First Health Plans will provide you a choice of the Active&Fit Fitness Center Program or the Active&Fit Home Fitness Program. With these choices available to you, making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and achieving fitness goals just got easier for you.

*Does not apply to all plans. Please reference your plan documents for a list of your plan’s benefits.

Active&Fit Fitness Center Program

Many members prefer to go to a fitness center for their physical activity regimen. The Active&Fit Fitness Center Program includes a range of options that offer access to fitness centers throughout the nation, making it convenient and easy for you to fit activity into your busy schedule. You can select from one of the many participating fitness centers.

To search the nationwide network of participating fitness centers or nominate a fitness center, visit or call the toll-free customer service hotline at 1.888.797.7806.

You may want to continue using your existing fitness center. If the fitness center is part of the Active&Fit network, you should advise the fitness center’s staff you are eligible for the Active&Fit program and present your Active&Fit fitness card. If the fitness center is not part of the Active&Fit network, you will need to switch to an Active&Fit fitness center for a no-cost membership.

If you enroll by phone, the welcome letter, which includes the name and location of the selected fitness center, will be mailed within five days of enrolling. If you enroll online, you can download and print your welcome letter immediately.

You can change your fitness center of choice once per month. This can be done at or by calling the Active&Fit toll-free customer service hotline at 1.888.797.7806. When you switch your fitness center, the new fitness center effective date will be the first day of the following month.

*Services that call for an added fee are not part of the Active&Fit Program.

Active&Fit Home Fitness Program

We listened to our members, and many of you asked for a fitness program that you could do at home. So we are now offering a option — the Active&Fit Home Fitness program.

If you select this option, you can exercise in the privacy and convenience of your own home. There’s no wasted time spent driving to a gym — or missing an exercise class because you aren’t available at a specific time. The Active&Fit Home Fitness Program allows you to create your own exercise plan, tailored to whenever (and wherever) you want it to be.

The Active&Fit Home Fitness Program also offers a choice of 17 Home Fitness Kits that cover the topics listed below. You can choose up to two fitness kits each benefit year to incorporate into your fitness routine***.

Aquatic Exercise

Chair Resistance Band Strength

High Intensity Workout II

Cardio Strength

Chair Tai Chi

Stress Management

Chair Aerobics for Everyone

Chair Yoga

Tai Chi (Beginner)

Chair Boxing

Exercise for the Bedridden
and Physically Challenged

Tai Chi for Balance (Intermediate)

Chair Dancing

High Intensity Workout I


Chair Pilates



***Fitness kits are subject to change.

Extras Offered for Both Active&Fit Options

It’s easy and fun to track your fitness progress. With the Active&Fit Connected!™ program, you can track your progress through a wearable fitness device, application or fitness equipment. To track or to see a list of many wearable fitness devices, mobile apps and fitness equipment that are supported by the Active&Fit Connected! program, visit and register as a member. The purchase of a wearable fitness device or mobile app is not included as part of your benefit.

Every quarter, you have access to the Active&Fit online newsletter, filled with fitness tips, motivational stories and answers to members’ fitness questions.

Choose your option and take advantage of this no-cost fitness program

Once you have signed up for a Health First Health Plans Employer Group Plan or Individual Plan, you will receive your Active&Fit enrollment flyer with further instructions. With this no-cost fitness program, staying healthy just got a lot easier.

* Your use of the Active&Fit Connected! program serves as your consent for American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc. (ASH Fitness) to receive information about your tracked activity. Purchase of a wearable fitness device, app or fitness equipment is not included as part of your benefit.

The Active&Fit program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). Active&Fit, Active&Fit Connected!, and the logo are trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein.