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Summer Student Nurse
Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Nurse Internship program. As we monitor and navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, we will not be hosting interns this summer. Please check back regularly for information on our 2022 Summer Nurse Internship opportunities.

Health First's Summer Student Nurse Internship Program provides a formal recruitment pipeline for future registered nurses. These highly competitive programs are frequently promoted within Bachelor of Science programs to increase clinical experiences while conducting a potential employer "right fit" assessment before graduation. As we strive to increase our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) staff at Health First, an internship for BSN students is beneficial for both nursing students and Health First. 

During the eight-week program tailored to students who have completed their junior year or equivalent, you will be paired with an RN preceptor who will guide you through the exciting and challenging world of acute patient care. As a paid student intern, you will participate in a professional nursing practice and clinical experiences that will prepare you for potential employment at Health First upon graduation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Summer Nurse Internship Program right for me?
A: A Summer Nurse Internship is an opportunity for BSN students between their junior and senior year to:

  • Experience a day in the life of a hospital RN and work their preceptor’s schedule
  • Ask questions to enhance their learning experience
  • Work as part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Learn how nurses think critically, prioritize, manage time and delegate
  • Learn why, when and how to call a doctor
  • Put all the pieces together of the hospital RN role
  • Increase confidence in a nursing career path

Q: Is this a paid internship?
Yes, interns will be paid an hourly rate for the eight-week program. Interns will be able to work up to 40 hours per week following their assigned preceptor's schedule.

Q: How do students submit applications?
Candidates can apply online for the Summer Student Nurse Internship Program. A resume, letter of recommendation from faculty and essay must be included with the application. The essay must be 250 words or less and focus on why the applicant wants to be an intern at Health First as well as how he or she can contribute to the patient experience.

Q: What are the qualifications and requirements?
To be considered for this program, applicants must meet these thresholds by June 2022:

  • Be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and have completed their junior year of college.
  • Have completed two clinical rotations in nursing school, preferably one in Medical/Surgical.
  • Hold a current American Heart Association's Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers completion card, which must be maintained during the internship.

Q: Is housing provided for the summer student nurse intern?
Housing is not provided for participants in this program.

Q: Can candidates request to work at a specific hospital or unit?
Yes. In the application, candidates can indicate the hospital and area they prefer. The Health First hospitals participating in the internship include Cape Canaveral Hospital, Holmes Regional Medical Center, Palm Bay Hospital and Viera Hospital. While every effort is made to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee placement at a specific hospital or unit. In the past, these units have participated in the summer student nurse internship:

  • Medical/Surgical
  • Orthopedics
  • Progressive Care Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Mother Baby
  • Critical Care
  • Oncology
  • Surgical Services

Q: What is the time commitment for the internship?
We expect the 2022 dates of the internship will be from early June through late July. During this time, program participants must commit to working full time.

Q: Will interns be able to select their schedules?
Program participants are expected to work their preceptor's schedule (up to 40 hours per week). Self-scheduling is not available. Most preceptors work 12-hour shifts, and the hours may vary based on the unit and department. Accommodations will only be made for a required summer class that has prior approval.

Q: Will interns be able to request time off?
Commitment to this eight-week program does not allow for scheduled time off.

Q: Will participants be able to gain experience with IV starts and medication administration?
No, IV starts and medication administration are not within this internship's scope of practice. Program participants will be working under the direct supervision of a nurse preceptor to provide patient care within their scope of practice. This internship will enable participants to gain communication, critical thinking, and organizational and time management skills. Participants also will be able to collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to provide evidence-based care.

Q: Why is the scope of practice limited for the summer student nurse interns?
Summer student nurse interns are not licensed associates and do not have an instructor. Interns are not covered under their university or college's affiliation agreement for liability.

Q: What are some examples of a summer student nurse intern’s scope of practice?
A: Under the direct physical supervision of an RN, the summer student nurse intern may provide the following care:

  • Apply/remove oxygen-delivery devices
  • Apply/remove continuous passive motion (CPM) machine after a nurse verifies the setting/alignment
  • Apply/remove Buck’s traction after a nurse verifies the setting/alignment
  • Catheterize patients (indwelling or intermittent urinary catheters) and discontinue indwelling urinary catheters with the exception of GU surgical patients
  • Trach care
  • Assist nurse with triage process, e.g., vital signs, data collection, etc. (ED interns)
  • Perform sterile technique while assisting with simple dressing changes

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